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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Aww why the fuddy duddy attitude? Your basically saying we shouldn't imagine or speculate on anything until we have cold hard facts? Whats the fun in that?

I have to say...I like it very much, and it is quite close to what I would be hoping for with the 6th gen assuming they wanted to make at an evolution of the 5th gen. I like it from all sides and the raise in the hood still gives it a bit of a muscle car type appearance. I even love the rear end...its just GREAT!

Good power, on a lighter chassis, with this body.....I'm SOLD.

Chevy...are you listening???
Where's the fun in getting all worked up over what will/won't become the 6th gen?

The simple fact that you're already sold tells me that you and I won't have much of a common ground to really discuss why I think it's too early to be sold on it.

How can you be sold because it's lighter and has more power? None of that is fact, yet.
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