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Originally Posted by LeviG View Post
That is one badass Chevy Civic!
Looking at it a little more, there are SOME aspects of this that I like and even think would look good on the current Camaro. The headlights are all kinds of cool. As the article says, they emulate the '69 RS style headlights. And the hood is really cool. I've always thought that some kind of heat extracting vents would look good on it. I've just never seen any that I think don't look like they came off of a NOPIfied Civic (No offense ZL1 owners, the ZL1's hood fits it, I just am not crazy about it still). These however, these fit the car. They are a throwback to the originals, yet they follow the sleek chisled lines of the new hood.

...But I still think it looks like a Chevy Civic. Maybe a Chevy Civic SI...
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