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Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
Nobody gives a crap about V8 engines if they drop the ball on styling. You can make a Yugo go fast, but there is little to be done for it in the way of its looks.

That top concept looks like a bar of soap with wheels while the bottom one is alright, I guess. Either way, neither of them really scream Camaro.

GM is doing the same thing as Ford, but they're both going to lose a lot of enthusiasts by stripping the Mustang and Camaro of their American styling cues to cater towards an audience that has totally different tastes than us. If what you post is true, then I'll be heavily disappointed. If, however, it ends up looking like the render in the first post then you can sign me up, because that thing is sweet.
Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I wouldn't buy a Gen 6 if they came out like that. It looks nothing like a Camaro at all. I don't care if they want to sell cars to European markets, just don't ruin a classic to do so.
Neither of the above are Camaro Concepts... they are concepts marketed by Chevy for a younger audience... In fact right now there is a poll going on that you can vote to decide which one you like better. The top, is a FWD platform the bottom is RWD. Both will most likely have Chevy's 2.0 Ecotec motor possibly with a Turbo.. or something similar.

I'll find the site and post it here in a few... just trying to finish my lunch.
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