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Originally Posted by TaylorRyanSS View Post
Yep, its called heritage. I do not see a major redesign coming for 2015. I think this is perfect... still kinda what we have now, but even cooler. They did it with the Mustang. In 2020 they can do a complete redesign.
FYI, Mustang sales have been floundering since the last warm over of the same car.

Originally Posted by LG_23 View Post
Lighter and smaller, sounds good to me
You can count on that. The Cadillac ATS will deliver at 3,400 pounds according to Mr. Reuss with four doors. The Camaro should be lighter.

Originally Posted by newagemuscle View Post
I really like that. If it looks anything like that with a better powertrain and lighter... I will definitely consider dumping mine when it comes out.
It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks of the 6th Gen when it is released with an all new look.
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