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It is impossible to discuss automobiles/Camaros without the inclusion, and hopefully removal, of the 800 pound gorilla in the equation.

GM never fully recovered from the initial illegitimate mandates for fuel economy that brought us Vegas and Pintos, to the current situation of a bankrupted GM. The EPA, NHTSA, DOT, ad infinitum, have no legitimate authority to determine the vehicle I drive - especially while being forced to pay bureaucrats' bloated salaries. There is a L99 because of mandates, and the fear of the Gas Guzzler tax not GM's wishes.

Most manufactures are being forced into 4-cylinder engines kiss most V8's goodbye. Then to ad to the absurd mandates, the ludicrousness of being subjected to a "gas guzzler" tax.

I don't let my cleaning lady run my life - but big government is determining the flush capacity of my toilet and the vehicles I can purchase, with the present dire consequences, and Camaros costing 40K.

I can't wait for my US Trabant.
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