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To start off I get the V8 or V6 debate . Sure everyone here wants a V8 and I understand the reasoning. On the flip side it would not take much for GM to upgrade the V6 to have 350 rwhp and 320 rwtq. Those numbers arent hyperbowl, they could be done with a single turbo and a mild tune. Yes it is not a V8, Yes it sounds different, but on the otherside it is fast and (I dont know who would care) you can get good gas mileage. I think if GM could hit 13.5 and 0-60 in say 5.8 seconds then why not a V6 for the next gen. I understand the its not an import, yes its not and GM uses the 6 in alot of other cars.
I say if they build a Z28 with a V6 that has those kind of numbers sound or not count me in. I cant wait to see the whine when cars go electric, the debate would go like, " I would rather have a 8 cell insted of a 6 cell." haha...
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