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Originally Posted by black34v6 View Post
The elephant in the room seems to be that while cars are getting safer, they are burning more gas because they are heavier, and it will take more powerful engines to push these heavy cars down the road. So while they tout EPA numbers - the problem is that it's harder to meet CAFE requirements if they are just making cars heavier and heavier. Maybe instead of just adding material they should figure out how to reinforce the structure better so that they can add less and it will hold its shape better in a crash.

Just my thoughts on the matter - I could be wrong.

Look at the new Cadillac ATS on the new Alpha platform. They are saying the turbo 4 weighs in at just over 3,300 lbs with the V6 weighing in the 3,400lb range.

Make the next Camaro similar to this size (no smaller) and I don't see why they can't keep a V6 Camaro in the 3,400lb or so range as well...and from that I don't see why they couldn't keep an SS under 3,600 lbs.
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