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I think that the 6th Gen designers should keep the 2nd and 4th Gen styles far away and look at keeping the the modernized 67-68 look while incorporating more designs from the 69 on the outside. Like maybe the fenders, taillights, and centered parking lights. Something a little new should be done with the grill/headlights.

If not, I think they should start looking at the 3rd Gens such as IROC-Zs. They kinda did a wheel similar to the IROCs for the 5th base cars and you can see a slight resemblence in some of the body lines, but those and the 1sts were the best, most aggressive looking Camaros that also had a clean and sleek design. 3rds were extremely popular, are becoming new classics, and have been out of production for a long time now. Also, I've read that the 6th Gen is going to go back to that lower, more raked, and lean design. 3rds are the only Camaros that pulled it off perfectly.

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