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I think in general some of the changes will be good for the regular models in the line-up, but IMO featuring a v6 on the corvette might hurt its image.

You can make a powerful small displacement engine; In fact there are quite a few examples out there to support chevy's case of going smaller. The problem with including non-v8 engines on corvette and camaro ss is that it will change their image in terms of the "heritage" identity of both cars.

My personal opinion is that I would not waste money on a v6 Corvette or a v6 Camaro SS (when a powerful 6 or 4 cyl. could be had in other cars), even if they could be faster and more powerful than their v8 predecessors. The sound and feel of a v8 car is distinctive, and I have yet to see any exhaust system added to a small engine that could re-create the sound, or a smaller, non 8 cyl. engine that could act and feel like a v8....any v8.
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