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Originally Posted by DevilsReject97 View Post
I'll probably be buying a new one to replace the current one, make the current one a DD and make the new one a weekend warrior....

And for anyone worrying about the loss of a V8.....would you really be complaining about a possible 450hp twin turbo V6? I wouldn't. I'd take it and drive the wheels off it...
There are Ford Fiestas with a a 2.0L pushing 600hp, even up to 800hp. However, I would argue that while a turbo can bring out massive power, it's not the same as natural power. I nearly traded in my 2010 SS for a 996 911 Turbo but didn't for a couple of reasons why I didn't. The main reason is that even though the car pushes out both over 400hp and torque, it felt weaker than the Camaro. Why? Because a V8 just has so much natural power that you can really feel it. This is why super cars, and companies like Mercedes, BMW, etc...use V8s and V10s for their massive power. Forced induction is used to bring make the power even more over the top, but it's the natural power that really gets you going.
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