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Originally Posted by Berean View Post
I'm guessing 2014 as a 2015 model.

Ford is coming out with the next gen mustang as a 2014 model for the 50th anniversary. I wouldn't think GM will be much further behind.
Yea, I think you can take this to the bank. Between the new CAFE standards, the Mustang new generation coming 2014, and the Alpha platform needing more than just the Cadillac; 2015 will be the Gen6.

I hope the Gen6 is somewhat molded from the Gen2 and thus conducive to a T-type configuration. This requires a single side glass and a somewhat wrap-around back glass. Also helps the current visiblity issues and keeps the Gen5 unique.

You'd think the 2013 model will get some minor facial and/or rear changes.
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