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PHASE 29: DanyTech Tuning

Dany is just finishing up some final touches on the tune!!! Holy smokes this thing effin RIPS now!!! I am coming from a slow 2001 325xi so the jump from that to the stock 4 banger was a jump enough. It literally feels like a different car. It is hard to put into words. This is my first personal experience with a tuned car and I don't think I can ever go back

I am beyond satisfied with Dany's work and his previous tunes with my buddies have spoken for themselves on the strip, on the dynos and by word of mouth.

He is so willing to help and explain everything and deal with my impatience at 9am on a Saturday when I can't wait to get more logs lol. I will be hitting the dyno on Sat. the 20th and the strip on the 21st with Kevin (603camaros).

Update: 10/25/18
Dynoed my car up in New Hampshire with 603Camaros this past weekend. My car made a peak 297whp/374lb/ft. Next pull it made 297/338.

Also brought it to the strip the next day. My best time was a 13.3 @ 103. It was about 40f with basically no humidity. Tires were a little slidey because of the cold weather. My time slips are in the drag section.

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DYNO SHEET: 297whp / 374wtq
Tuned by #danytechtuning

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