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Chrome383Z 12-30-2020 07:13 AM

GM lowering kit and TTY bolts
Getting ready to install the SG3 suspension...

It comes with new TTY bolts, what is everyone doing with these?

My thought is to put the originals in during the install and take the new ones with me to the alignment shop? Probably a dumb question but install procedure says not to go to final torque before alignment with the new bolts (and with the shop ~5 mi away that’s obviously not an option). lol

Alpha1BC 01-04-2021 12:53 PM

Either way should be OK assuming the plant got the right torque plus angle the first time when they put it together. You can usually re-use those fasteners 2-3 times before they need to be replaced. I'd stick with your plan of re-using the original bolts the first time then letting the alignment shop use the new ones. That way you get one more adjustment out of the new ones later if needed.

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