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Fahad6 01-14-2020 12:17 PM

Twin turbo build
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Hi all
Just want to share my build for my 2016 camaro ss upgraded from d1x procharger to a custom twin turbo build here at the garage i deal with will post some pics for you to see and give opinions.

Some parts installed:
Circle d converter
Turbo cam
Crawford port injection
Foreinnovation triple pump for the low side
Lt4 hpfp
Lt4 injectors
KW coilover on replacing my magnatic ride

parish8 01-14-2020 12:46 PM

Looks like fun. What size turbos?

Fahad6 01-14-2020 12:55 PM

Thanks , it is Precission 6266

laynlo15 01-14-2020 04:03 PM

Cool build, good luck

parish8 01-14-2020 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Fahad6 (Post 10699482)
Thanks , it is Precission 6266

That is what I run. I wouldn’t mind seeing more pics. Fender well routing, intercooler, stuff like that

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