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RoaringV8 12-15-2020 08:54 PM

Alignment Shop/Dealer in the Philadelphia/South Jersey Area
I'm looking to see if any one has experience with a dealer or shop in the Philadelphia area that they would recommend for getting an alignment. I'm looking to do a fairly aggressive track alignment and have read that the camber bolts need to be adjusted to get past -2.0 camber up front. Sounds like many places don't have the experience to know how to do it well. Appreciate any suggestions.

Kmeleon 12-16-2020 09:18 AM

Not sure exactly how far it is but these guys did my track alignment, they're not too far from Philly.

They're mostly Mustang guys but for what I've used them for (track alignment, brake fluid swap, inspections) they've been great. And you can sit there while they do it.

RoaringV8 12-16-2020 02:40 PM

Thanks for the suggestion! Out of curiosity, what did you have your track alignment set to? How much negative camber were they able to go in the front? I assume you have stock camber plates?

Kmeleon 01-05-2021 01:08 PM

Oh sorry, didn't see your reply until now. They had a bit of an issue getting the track alignment spec but 5 minutes on the internet and they figured it out. I went with the standard track alignment of -2.0 and -1.5 since I do use it for considerable street driving in the warmer months.. Stock plates still on my car. My treadwear looks great.

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