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super_sxxy322 08-23-2022 11:11 AM

PPF rec's North Jersey
Anyone have a PPF place they can recommend? Anywhere from Bergen County to Sussex. I'm being reluctant to just Googling as I don't want to drop anywhere and preferably done in a day while I work.


MyGuyGordon 08-23-2022 01:45 PM

PPF Recommendations
So far, I've gotten quotes and have heard good things about these three. Best service and communication so far.

Automotive Specialty Wraps, they're with AutoCouture in Fair Lawn and are a little pricey but are the go-to guys for exotics in my area.

My next recommendation would be NextGenAuto, they're in Closter, NJ. They have the best bang for your buck, and are the least pricey of the three. Quality work, cover what you need. They do a great job. They also get lots of exotics and are very popular.

My final recommendation would be Always Clean Detailing in Fair Lawn as well. These guys are very pricey (the most expensive of the three), but have very high quality work and a clear cut brochure and website. Nice facility, great communication.

My recommendation is get a quote from all three, see what you want/need, and get a feel for their work by visiting their instagram pages and/or their websites.

I'm waiting for my 2023 2SS 1LE, it's built but no ETA. I've gotten quotes from all three of these guys, and have reached out to many more. These were my top three for sure.

Good luck! :emoticon6:

Lupine 1LE 08-23-2022 01:46 PM

Friend had is 22 C8 done at this place and all went well. Hood, mirrors, front end and door jams so far. I know its a bit south of where you are looking.

super_sxxy322 08-25-2022 11:14 AM

Thank you!!

LiqTenExp 08-25-2022 01:12 PM

I'd recommend Detailers Domain:, they are in Bergen county.

They wrapped my 2017 initially and did a refresh on some pieces this year that had taken hits. Everything still looks good 5 years later on the stuff they didn't have to touch. Highly recommended.

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