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FlyingFischer5 05-09-2020 07:06 PM

Which splitter? EOS/Factory
Having a hard time trying to decide which front splitter I should pick.

1.) Camaro RS / SS Front Splitter Lip | ZL1 1LE Track Package

2.) Camaro Front Splitter Lip | 6th Gen Camaro Facelift 1LE Package

I'm leaning toward number 1 for a couple reasons. It seems a bit larger and lower which could mean more air forced through the bumper. Also like how its raised in the middle to keep air flow going to the cooler that is located under the front and lower on the sides and also the larger side wings on it.

As for the second I like how it has the 2 sharp points on it. Makes it look a little more aggressive. The only downside(for me) is that it seems like this is the most popular one to go with aftermarket wise and is also a factory option which would make the car more of a cookie cutter car and not a car that stands out from the rest.

Wanted to get all your opinions on both of these and the build quality difference between the two. Any pro/cons of each if any of you have them.


ember1205 06-11-2020 10:29 AM

I've ordered a splitter and skirts in what they call "Refresh Style" which is at least similar to the second one. I actually want a very flat overall style and I managed to get the full kit for under $500.

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