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BLACK Z 12-13-2021 04:14 PM

Eaton TrueTrac Oil, What are you guys running?
Hi, I am going to be getting a TrueTrac in my Camaro, What oil do you guys recommend? I run Amsoil 75-90 now and have plenty on the shelf, I am getting mixed answer when searching.
I run Torco RGO 85-140 In my Ram truck that has a TrueTrac in it.
Should I run the Torco 80-90 In the Camaro?

Torco 80-90?
Lucas 80-90
Redline 75-90 NS ( Synthetic with out friction Modifier)


kropscamaro16 12-13-2021 04:16 PM

is this a 6th gen or older camaro?

BLACK Z 12-13-2021 07:20 PM

This is one Going in a 14 2SS.

NeeDBoosT 01-22-2022 01:09 AM

Im also interested in OP’s question. Im buying a new one soon and want to know what to put in after break-in

h018871 01-22-2022 02:26 PM

Black Z, this is a question for the Camaro 5 forum (2010-2015 Camaros)

BUT..... dino oil only, Lucas Heavy Duty 85W-140 Gear Oil, non synthetic w/o friction modifiers

BLACK Z 01-24-2022 07:30 PM

Torco 80-90 is what I chose and I am confident it was the right choice. I don't believe I need to go to a 85-140.

1BlueSS 01-26-2022 12:54 AM

I have a Tru-Trac in another vehicle of mine, I run Royal Purple 75-90.

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BLACK Z 01-28-2022 09:02 PM

Is the Royal Purple a Syn fluid?

Mountain 01-29-2022 05:56 PM

Also had a TrueTrac in another car (Mustang). I ran Mobil 1 or Valvoline 75w-140 (both as synthetic). If your car doesn't have a diff cooler, run the thicker weight (140). If it does have one, go with a lower weight (90).

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