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WEAPON-X 01-15-2019 08:20 PM

2650 Supercharger is in here - Initial Impressions and WEAPON-X Plans!
So the 2650 came in last week and we're already in the process of making our improvements on it from visual impressions and then we'll see what else we do.

For you guys that want one, I have a half dozen coming in from Edelbrock next month!
Click here to buy:

  • Really well constructed unit
  • Impressed with intercooler size
  • Impressed with the attempted intercooler flow with a -12 inlet and -10 outlets
  • 102 MM inlet for larger throttle bodies
  • Port Injection bungs - just need opened

  • Biggest issue is the choke point for the air flow above the lid. There is VERY little room for the compressed air to make a 180 turn to go back down into the runners
  • Driver side intercooler outlet has to make FOUR 90 turns to get out of the coolant manifold vs. the Passenger side has to make just one big sweeping bend
  • Need to measure, but I think we'll have to blend the inlet to get the last MM for the NW 103 TBs
  • Need to open up the port injection holes

  • Lid Spacer to provide more artificial plenum volume over the IC brick for improved airflow down into the runners
  • Billet Coolant Manifold with AN fittings for rubber or braided lines and our upcoming dual HX pump setup or the larger Stewart pump setup
  • Snout/Supercharger porting
  • Port Injection Modification with our custom billet rails and brackets
  • Griptec Pulleys from 3.5" down to 2.5"
  • Custom high flow intercooler brick
  • Custom Carbon Forged taller lid kit for hood/cowl clearance

Giant dual pass intercooler:

Port Injection:

Lack of plenum volume:

Plenum airflow has to make a 180 turn in this small cavern.
At 15K blower RPM, it's expected to move 1500 CFM
At 18K blower RPM it's 1700 CFM
At 25K blower RPM and more free flowing inlet, Magnuson shows this rotor pack capable of moving 2500 CFM!

So, needless to say we're going to free up a little more space to help this breath more!

Cooling Manifold Adapters:

Four 90 bends to get out on the driver side:

102mm Inlet just needs a little porting :)

Joshinator99 01-15-2019 09:43 PM

Great info Ben! Love that you’re already looking for ways to improve on it. :)

CruzySS 01-22-2019 08:31 PM

Was looking at the 2300 but looks like I'm getting the 2650 now

asthmamax11 01-26-2019 10:18 AM

Very exciting

WEAPON-X 02-02-2019 09:31 PM

Progress is coming along! Our WEAPON-X Coolant Adapter to free up the inlets fit like a glove (not on OJ), so that is done and the lid spacer is done as well! Here is that massive IC behind our 3D printed sample version. That 36x36" table is so precise, that the AN threads screwed in :rofl:; we were impressed!

A little physics lesson, length vs. width... just like a driveshaft, the longer it is, the lower the critical speed. Supercharger rotors are no different! The 2650 uses shorter fatter lobes than most superchargers and thus it can spin to approx 25K RPM whereas most other superchargers over 2L are struggling to hit 20K RPM before they're taxed out from a bearing perspective as well as volumetric efficiency perspective as there is less of a pressure drop across shorter/larger diameter rotors. ;)

Just so you guys can see why I'm so excited about the 2650, here is the COPO 2650 casing vs. the old gen! Just WOW.... Unfortunately, the Mustang guys throw more money at Whipples, so they get first priority as the Cobra Jets are running their new Gen 5 Whipples! Now, I will be the first to say that Whipple has a lot of new superchargers out and the next gen they're working on seem nothing short of phenomenal; however, this is more relative to the 2.3Ls down to the 1.7Ls. I was just appalled by the massive size of these new COPO Magnusons vs. the older COPO Whipples. Some little known facts, but the LT4 blower was originally a 1640 and was barely making the power it needed and was already too far down the rabbit hole to redo it, so they stretched it to a 1740 to make a little more room for power. This was the same thing that happened from the CTS V gen 2 and ZL1 gen 5's LSA blower that was stretched from a 1900 to a 2300 and that is why there wasn't as much headroom gained for a LONG time till guys figured out how to improve the LS9s airflow to make more power than the LSA blower ;)

laynlo15 02-03-2019 07:12 AM

When you see the Copo Camaro's run this year its going to blow your mind. One of the Copo teams went 7.74@176 in testing in Houston, the quickest prior to that with the other blower was 7.99 by the same car that went 7.74. Intake temps are extremely low with the Magnuson 2650 Copo version. Whipple does have a 3.0 for the Fords this year and they are going to be extremely fast also. All the showdown cars are certified to 7.50 and I think you'll see them get close to that unless NHRA or the NMCA puts weight on them or makes them change pulleys to slow them down. The Mopar's spanked the Camaro's and Mustangs last year pretty badly and usually had them covered by a tenth at many races, not gonna happen this year. Magnuson worked really hard on the 2650 Jackshaft and I know our under hood will be a stellar package also. GM did a great job on their 2650 and the potential is way up there for sure

ShizzySupra 02-03-2019 09:51 AM

Interesting approach, I would like to see more real world data with the edelbrock 2650s. As in logged IATs during a 1/4 run, power for trap speed etc. Kind of crazy to me that there are already lid spacers, inlet changes etc before anyone has even tested the poor thing in real world conditions.

Either way, thank you for progressing our chassis! Anything we all can do to help the community is great!

oldman 02-03-2019 10:23 AM

Does the Edelbrock fit under both stock Vette and stock Camaro Hoods? or just the Camaro? or None? There lies your answer, cause that thing is HUGE.

Bmf5150 10-13-2019 07:22 PM

I want to try to make adapter plates and run the edelbrock 2650 with port injection on my LS motor .i see ic billet makes adapters to go from a ls7 intake to a lt1 head so I just need to make adapters that reverse the ports.biggest thing I’m not sure on is serpentine belt spacing .

laynlo15 10-13-2019 08:43 PM

I'd like to see that set up

laynlo15 10-13-2019 08:44 PM

Hopefully WX has had the opportunity to run the new 2650 DI Magnuson.

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