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2016SDSS 01-08-2020 08:04 PM

Lt4 blower swap
I picked up a weapon x kit second hand and am looking for a set of instructions before I get started. Does anybody have a set they could help me out with? Thanks

KingLT1 01-08-2020 10:14 PM

I believe some just used the Magnuson install guide being there is no instructions for the LT4 swap. Some things are different and but a lot of it relates.

2016SDSS 01-09-2020 06:40 PM

Sounds good. I’ll give that a shot

2016SDSS 01-11-2020 03:02 PM

Awesome. I apprehended offer. Planning on getting started in a couple of weeks. Need to grab a couple replacement seals yet

biker2k 01-12-2020 07:19 PM

so when you do one of these kits how do you address the vacuum bypass...
my understanding is that it is electronically controlled in the zl1 how do you adapt that to work ….

biker2k 01-12-2020 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10698378)
It is electronically controlled on the zl1, however I have it removed and capped off. Installed 14k miles ago

so you are always under boost...

im trying to figure out if there is a way to adapt the lt4 setup to my eforce 2300
mine is vacuum operated and sometimes feels like an on and of switch, I'm waiting for a nitrous jet to put in my vacuum line to slow down the effect and that might work but it seems to me that the electronic control is the way to go, however I see that could get complicated real fast, so just wondering about how people with the lt4 swap kits do it..

Eldi Z 01-13-2020 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10698378)
It is electronically controlled on the zl1, however I have it removed and capped off. Installed 14k miles ago

Who tuned the ECM? Is it done with HP Tuners?
Is there a way to maintain the electronically controlled bypass?
Are you running on 93? Which kind of boost levels and RWHP do you see?

Eldi Z 01-13-2020 06:46 PM

Thanks Heater for this input.
Does it mean that your bypass operates as it does on a stock ZL1, despite the fact that you did not wire it to the ECM like BlueCamaro6 did? Otherwise, how can it work for you?
What about the IAT #2 that he managed to wire up as well?
I shall be following your build as it goes along...getting interested in the LT4 swap alternative.
Why are you running only 91 and not 93? You could pick up some safe RWHP by being able to advance ign. timing a bot higher.

Eldi Z 01-14-2020 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10699207)
Not exactly, well not at all actually, i have the bypass completely plugged off so it doesn't work like the zl1. However, I don't get 9psi the entire time my car is driving when the rpms are low the rotors move so slow that the boost is very low and then quickly builds with rpm. For IAT2, i used the adm harness with the map.

I live in AZ and we do not have 93 :(

So nowhere in your area you can get even a single station with higher than Octane 91?? That is bad news :mad0259:

Anyway, did you get the complete installation "kit" from ADM (Andy M)?
If so, can you provide information as to completeness of the components included, meaning: Was everything you needed for the conversion included?
If not, which additional parts did you have to source by yourself?

What about the blower itself? Did you get it from Andy M as well? Is it a take-off from a ZL1 / CTS-V, or a Z06?

Finally, how did you go about the installation? As far as I am aware, ADM does not provide a "manual", nor does WeaponX....

Eldi Z 01-15-2020 07:32 AM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10699853)
Unfortunately not for a few states, but i will be running e85 soon and the lack of 93 availability just encouraged me to get a cam.

I got 1 of the first LT4 kits from weapon X, they were exceptionally helpful and had amazing customer service, so i really like them. The kit was complete with a zl1 take off. During the days i did install i had the car in my garage and it got flooded out by a broken water main while i was at work and did not see this for hours. The harness was probably fine but i thought it would be better to get another one to avoid potential issues down the line so i got one off adm. Andy was super helpful too.

The install was like all the other pd blowers so i just printed out the instructions from the other camaro kits and referred to some zl1 diagrams online. The biggest difference from the other kits is i swapped the valley cover and added the adapter plates.

The other things to consider are scalability, this build will not be super high horsepower due to the 1.7, but it is a super fun street car with really lower power band. Lastly, the lt4 is silent so if you want blower whine you either need an nx lid or a different blower.

At the end of the day cost was a factor especially since i never really modified a car before and for the money spent i have no complaints :)

Understood. So you can recommend both WeaponX and ADM for the components of such mod?
Was the use of the adapter plates and swapping the valley cover an issue requiring a great deal of DIY, or was it a straight forward job?

BtW, why did you end up getting the possibly water-damaged replacement wiring loom from ADM and not from WeaponX (your "original" supplier)?

Actually, I am looking for a streetable application. I am not into drag racing - just thinking of a bit more "fun" power. The fact that the blower is relatively quiet and not whining is an advantage for me as well - not a drawback.

I believe that using (maybe) one size smaller pulley, LT4 Injectors & LT4 FPs (+LT4 Fuel fittings) on 93 can get me to around a "safe enough" 560-580 RWHP, which is my ball-park goal. Idea is to also avoid having to go into the motor, in order to replace Pistons / Rods.

Eldi Z 01-15-2020 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10700301)

With the LT4 setup on the LT1 it actually seems to produce a little more power due to heat and fueling with a larger upper pulley than the zl1, I run a 2.6 and i believe the zl1 is 2.5 and i get about 9psi. If i was on 93 compared to 91 it is possible i would be right at your target, but with little room to grow.

Thanks Heater for the details!

The only reason I could think of that the LT1 with a blower produces more power than an LT4, would be the higher C/R of the LT1 (11.5 LT1 Vs. 10.0 or 10.5? LT4).
Why would there be a difference in heat (lower for the LT1 with the exact same blower mounted)?
Why did you put a larger pulley, rather than leave the stock LT4's 2.5?

Finally, who tuned the ECM? Was it performed on a dyno, or did you log on the street and had it sent to the tuner for mail tuning?

oldman 01-15-2020 07:09 PM

The LT1 has a much bigger cam too.
I went with Pray Procharger setup (with heads, cam tune), but would have been just fine with ADM, price seems great.

Eldi Z 01-16-2020 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by oldman (Post 10700686)
The LT1 has a much bigger cam too.
I went with Pray Procharger setup (with heads, cam tune), but would have been just fine with ADM, price seems great.

What do you mean in terms of Big?

What is the Lift/Duration on the LT1 and what is it on the LT4?

Eldi Z 01-16-2020 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by Heater (Post 10700731)
It would make sense the same blower/psi would make more power on the higher compression ratio, as long as you have the fuel and octane needed.

The lt4 supercharger is 1.7l so it is small and which means there is not a lot of volume for cooling. Also, the smaller pulley causes the rotors in the supercharger to spin at a higher rate (like all smaller pulley setups) and at the higher rate that can create more heat. With the additional heat created, and small volumetric area of this supercharger reduces the cooling capabilities and leads to more heat. So in this application the higher boost level is hotter and can be somewhat counterproductive as the heat created can reduce timing or cause knock. I believe ADM has done testing on pulley sizes and recommends the slightly larger pulley for that reason with these swaps.

I got my car tuned at Cordes Performance in Tempe, Arizona, they are really awesome and build a lot of the AZ high hp LS and LT cars. They have some nice fab'd stuff for our platform too. They didn't do any of the install but theyhave a tuner, NicD who is really great on the gen 5 lt platform so I reached out once I finished my install to get the dyno tune.

OK. Now I get it.
The stock pulley of the LT4 should be avoided, since it is too small (spins too fast) when working on the LT1.
So when you get the kit (Incl. Blower) from ADM (or WeaponX too?) they supply the blower with the larger Pulley already installed on it?

You are lucky to have a knowledgeable tuner on LT Gen5 ECMs and engines close to you :w00t:
I think that I would have to rely on remote tuning when the time for my job comes.
I do have a couple of dynos close by, but I don't trust local tuners on the LT Gen5 platforms (yet). There are 2 tuners around who are very good on LS setups, but I am looking for experience and perfection on the LT/Direct Injection setups.
Unfortunately this place is "ruled" by EURO Import material (VW, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Etc.) and less GM/Ford/Chrysler. But it has improved slightly in the past 2 years with an inflow of C7s, SS, ZLs and CTS-V/ATS-V machines.

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