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iosigma 01-05-2020 02:16 PM

Recent Install Experience.. Long post.
Ok guys,
So I recently decided back on cyber monday to pull the trigger and buy a super charger. I've owned my Black 2016 2SS since this past July. I bought it used with 13K miles on it. I got a great deal because it had sat on the lot quite a while at the dealer and they had a ton of camaros for sale.Not to mention this ss has sat under a tree and didn't look very loved. It had tree sap and swirl marks all over it. The interior hadn't been cleaned. It looked as though it had silver rally stripes but they had been partially removed ( hood only) and hockey stripes had been put on. So I test drove it. Engine was strong and chassis was great so I brought her home for what I considered a great price and began my process of detailing it and getting the car how I wanted it. The driver side seat cover was ripped and the gray carpet was stained. I got rid of the factory carpet floor mats. Ordered some all weather mats and ordered a replacement seat cover. Got it all cleaned up and order a Borla ATAK Axle back exhaust. Removed what was left of the striped, clay barred the entire car and waxed it. Deeped cleaned the interior and cleaned the motor. Then I order carbon fiber front splitters and side skirts. While I waited on those to come in, I ordered a Soler Engineering throttle body and RotoFab CAI. Then sent the car for a two stage paint correction and ceramic coating. My last purchase was a Magnuson Heartbeat TVS 2300 compete supercharger system.
Over the years I've own quite a few camaros and corvettes, but none have ever had the power like this one does. The install took me about a week between family time and acquiring the right tools for the job. I feel I'm pretty tech savvy, but admittedly I was a little apprehensive about tearing down the top end of my new ride. Also I took the plunge after spending a lot of time on the forum reading about peoples installs. I decided on the 2300 because I didn't want to get "too much" into the internals of then engine, plus the price point for me was great. I have to admit, I really dreaded doing this by myself. I have almost all the tools needed. The only things i bought were a heat gun, harmonic balancer puller and installer. I have everything else. The manual was great and Greg from Magnuson was awesome when I had any questions. My only snag was with my harmonic balancer bolt removal. That thing is tight! All I can say is I Love this car and the experience of installing my 2300! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for their first install experience. Now on to better tires!

laynlo15 01-05-2020 04:56 PM

Thanks and glad I could help, especially when you were struggling with that balancer bolt and you ended up with an earthquake. You'll use it again someday. The 2300 is a pretty stellar SC and works great for many applications such as yours. Plenty more left if you decide to use it. Congrats and you had a great experience with the install.

MSU120 01-06-2020 09:38 AM

Glad it went well for you. Enjoy the car!

iosigma 01-06-2020 07:36 PM

Thank you! Put a few miles on it today. SO much fun!

laynlo15 01-06-2020 10:10 PM

Haha told ya.

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