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h018871 08-02-2020 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by PROMETHEUS (Post 10840681)
Just did the front bumper!

same here + rock/mud guards behind wheels

Snowwolfe 08-02-2020 01:48 PM

Here is a piece of advice based on having three vehicles done.
Make dang sure when you talk to the installer you tell them several times you will not accept any bubbles or pin pricks in the film. NONE.
If they debate it or tell you 1 or 2 are OK walk away.

In this type of business you generally get what you paid for. I learned that lesson with my ZL1. Fortunately my first installer was a stand up guy and realized he couldnt do my car right so he took it to a first rate shop and paid them. All I had to do was to pay my original estimate.

My final installer posted before and after photos on their Facebook page:
Finishing Touch Detailing and Paint Correction in Maryville TN

If you visit their page and go back about a month you will see them work on my blue ZL1

turbo2ltr 08-02-2020 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by Snowwolfe (Post 10840844)
Make dang sure when you talk to the installer you tell them several times you will not accept any bubbles or pin pricks in the film. NONE.

Would you be able to tell after the fact if there were pin pricks?

Scottyz 08-02-2020 03:28 PM

I did the entire car. Wing included. I looked at it this way. I plan on keeping the car a long time. I want the paint protected as best I can. Itís a onus that itís self healing also and quite honestly it still blows me away how well the film works. I have Suntek Ultra and my car is black so itís the biggest bitch to keep clean plus swirls. I have no swirls. If I see swirls they go away in the sun. Pretty amazing.
I also thought to myself that if I only do parts of the body that I would notice that and it would end up bothering me. So I decides on the whole car. It was expensive but I donít regret it one smidge.
If anything I wish I had have used it on my other vehicles.
If I were buying a used vehicle, I would pay extra if the vehicle had A quality PPF product and install on the car. Iím that impressed with the stuff.

Snowwolfe 08-02-2020 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by turbo2ltr (Post 10840873)
Would you be able to tell after the fact if there were pin pricks?

In my opinion yes, but then if you cant see them why worry about them? They are more noticeable on the hood or roof or any top surface.

turbo2ltr 08-02-2020 04:34 PM

Whats the consensus on XPEL vs Suntek?

passwords 08-02-2020 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by turbo2ltr (Post 10840919)
Whats the consensus on XPEL vs Suntek?

I have XPEL on my cars and love it. Most people who have Suntek love it. Both brands have had some quality issues in the past but have made good on getting it corrected. Not sure you will find consensus but I would say they are very comparable in quality. I think the installer is the bigger variable. If you can find an excellent installer then either XPEL or Suntek are both good choices. I know there are other brands out there as well but I personally wouldnít venture away from those two options.

turbo2ltr 08-02-2020 05:16 PM

Awesome information in this thread guys, thanks. Hope I didn't hijack it too much from the OP. It was a timely thread as I've been meaning to look into this and have zero experience with it.

Chutzpah 08-02-2020 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by 2SS Capt (Post 10840789)
This is what I had done on my 2020 2SS... Very happy with the results...

The areas you covered are almost perfect. Although, as a previous owner of a SS and now a Z, Iíve noticed most of the sandblasting damage occurs just prior to the rear wheel well curve and above the lower panel split. You may want to add ~12Ē-16Ē of material you current install.

UBB 08-03-2020 08:00 AM

Good thread thanks. I had it done on my 5th gen and I plan on doing this with my ZL1 Unfortunate that to get it home involves an almost 2K mile road trip.

Gunkk 08-03-2020 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by turbo2ltr (Post 10840919)
Whats the consensus on XPEL vs Suntek?

Suntek has a bit less orange peel and haze than 3M or XPEL.

What is more important, no matter what brand you choose, is getting the self-healing variety. All of them offer it.

And as others have said, what is MOST IMPORTANT: the installer. Oversizing the film to wrap and tuck the edges, removing and replacing emblems correctly, zero defects, etc. matters far more to me when dropping a few (or several) thousand dollars than saving a buck and getting a crappy result. As around at car shows, talk to the exotic car owners. Find the best one in your area, and pay them well.

MoreSpeed 08-04-2020 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by DC5 (Post 10840800)
I second this suggestion in addition to having clear bra installed immediately behind the rear wheels. These are precisely the areas I had covered in Xpel Ultimate Plus. Cost: $2500. :thumbup:

I did what you did plus the back bumper. Worked out great on my 2017 ZL1. Only after 25K miles, wish I went further up on the front of the rear wheels. I am getting hits above your line.

L8Apex 08-05-2020 09:06 AM

I got chips there too until I added the rock guards, which he already has on

50MileSmile 08-05-2020 04:10 PM

I also would do the “U” (the A pillars and 6-8 inches back from the windshield across the header) - and the top of the rear bumper cover if you don’t do the whole thing. My ‘18 is the 9th car I’ve used Xpel on, and I will never buy another new car without it. I have also seen up to a $1,200 credit at trade-in time because of the Xpel.

A tip for people who have a flat black hood wrap; black “plastic” mirrors, spoiler, splitters or canards; or black hard rubber body parts: Use Xpel Stealth (satin finish) on all of them, so they'll match, in color and sheen.

Finally, go as high as you can stand it in front of the rear wheels - just to the body cut line may not be enough.

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