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Conversation Between Milk 1027 and zebra
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  1. Milk 1027
    10-29-2011 12:45 PM
    Milk 1027
    ugh. nothing right now. I'm kind of in limbo with my car. Not sure if I am going to keep it or trade it in for a ZL1....or 1lE..... Until I have a secure job and know the prices, I'll know for sure.
  2. zebra
    10-29-2011 04:40 AM
    thanks! i can't believe how great the colors worked together from picking that blue out of a swatch book. you remember those photoshops i did a couple years ago as my signatures? that's how i've had planned to paint whatever car i ended up getting : camaro, vette, etc...

    now you can't let me & Audrey both show ya up... what's in store for yours?
  3. Milk 1027
    10-29-2011 12:36 AM
    Milk 1027
    Damn, that thing looks mean. I love the color combo. I hope it gets done soon.
  4. zebra
    10-22-2011 12:48 AM
    must have...
    i've only took a few since i got it back - heck i've only drove it a couple times since i got it back it spent 2 weeks on jackstands waiting on the wheels to get done it's back in the shop now for finish-up stuff & hopefully i'll get it back in a couple days.

    for the mean time...
  5. Milk 1027
    10-18-2011 11:45 PM
    Milk 1027
    How is it that I haven't seen any pictures of your car? Did I miss them?
  6. zebra
    07-24-2011 10:57 PM
    that thread was just asking for it...
  7. Milk 1027
    07-24-2011 10:53 PM
    Milk 1027
    really? Come on man.... You know better.
  8. Milk 1027
    09-09-2009 10:47 PM
    Milk 1027
    cool. Glad to hear you're good.
  9. zebra
    09-09-2009 10:42 PM
    oh... you know. work's nonexistently slow & my truck's temporarily still dead.

    but other than that - i'm awesome
  10. Milk 1027
    09-09-2009 10:39 PM
    Milk 1027
    hey there. How's it going man.

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