2016 Camaro Convertible Finally Spotted

We’ve gotten the first definitive shots of the 6th Gen Camaro Convertible, caught testing with clear evidence of a soft-top in place [See Gallery].

Some recent Camaro prototypes have had newly-camouflaged roofs, leading to some speculation that they might be testing the new convertible. Those prototypes had several details, however, that pointed to the existence of solid roof rails, and no noticeable breaks at the Camaro’s A-pillar and headliner. With these latest Camaro test cars, can now say for sure that those earlier prototypes are clearly not convertibles. Whether they’re hiding something else–like a throwback to the classic T-Top–is still up for debate.

The Camaro Convertible’s soft roof is uncovered in these new shots, and elements of the roof’s understructure can be seen underneath the soft surface. We can also see a redesigned B-pillar area, which has more of a glass-to-glass treatment than the Camaro Coupe. There is also the clear presence of a seam where the soft-top meets the headliner. The Camaro convertible exists, and its now testing alongside the Camaro Coupe, suggesting a possible simultaneous launch–just as on the new 2015 Mustangs.

We have included some shots of a Camaro coupe–with its own suspiciously covered roof–for comparison with the new photos of the soft-top test cars. Check out the photos.

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