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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
I guess I am the only one here so far that likes it,i would trade my 10' for it today,
no you are not...that mockup is beautiful! I too would trade in a heartbeat.
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Personally I was hoping GM might go the direction of the early 2nd gen Camaro, like 70-73. I always thought those were pretty sweet looking rides, and kick myself for getting rid of my rust free '71. Behind those, I liked the 67-68 better than the 69 that I feel the current car was modeled after.

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Mikes SS

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Ehhh IDK, doesn't scream Camaro to me, maybe Corvette
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It's a Three Six, Vee Six
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I like it and I can see where it can end up. The model depicted looks as if it is supposed to open up and show the inside...I'd like to see those pics!
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If it were to make production the green house would have to increase for headroom and visibility, and the front end would need something besides a blacked out front end, but that rear is pretty cool.
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its a syn
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I see the TRU 140 concept more than anything.
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Low RS
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nasty, id rather have my 2010 any day!!!!!!!
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I 'm 52,and I love it,it has style and looks aggressive,
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Originally Posted by GroundPilot View Post
no you are not...that mockup is beautiful! I too would trade in a heartbeat.
yeah,i have had my 10' since 7/2/09,ordered it in Dec.08'..and have done a lot of mods since,but if this car was to come out tomorrow,i would be trading my 10'...and lose a lot of $ doing so,
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old school chevy rodder
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Looks like Tron ate a Camaro and Corvette and then gave it back to the real world. A little heavy on the black front and back and some things could change to make a awesome looking car..........
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Black Ice
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OMFG really. I sure a heck hope not. It doesn't even look like or resemble a Camaro. That is what sold the Camaro in the first place, the fact that it brought back the romance of a muscle car. This rendering looks like futuristic Jetson style cars.

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Mr Twisty

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Lots of potential there.

Look at it with an artists eyes... remember... the 5th gen came from this

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I agree, lots of potential. If they keep the right cues from these renderings it'll be a showstopper for sure.
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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post

Looks like a cross between a Camaro and the new Stingray.... I'm intrigued.
I see some Volt in there too, in that rear 3/4 shot.
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Frank in MD
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Wow, I hate those. Awful.
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I want!
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Originally Posted by ryan's camaro View Post
The styling is too busy IMO. The '10-'13 styling still captures the modern and retro look the best.
say it 2 times
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nuff said
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Dances With Mustangs
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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
I think they are cool renderings. I like them...the 1st photo top right angle looks sweet and the side view from the 2nd rendering looks awesome. But I'm not sure they have enough "Camaro" heritage in the design for my liking, but then again some people would rather run away from that altogether and go with something completely revolutionary. I will say I can see the "hips" there and some other throw backs which is nice so I guess I can't say I don't see any Camaro heritage in that...there is some.

I definitely would hope for a very modern if not forward looking looking car, but with the heritage cues thrown in. I guess thats why I love the 5th gen so much. When it was released it has those modern sharp lines, and it was bold like nothing else, but also had the Camaro DNA in it. Chevy brought us the concept as closely as they could, and that is the way to do it right!

I think your experience with creating your own design gives you a different perspective than others. You look at this and see the inpracticalities and what couldn't possibly make production. Thats fine, but thats not really very fun either. The whole point is to take something that looks wild and over the top, and then see what can be done with it. I'd rather start with something over the top, rather than boring and try to make it look more exciting.

How did the 2006 concept Camaro make you feel? I'm sure you've seen the first sketches for it right? (wild and over the top with the huge wheels) and then they brought it to clay form, and eventually to a rolling model on a GTO chassis. How did you feel about it then? This is the process I'm talking about.

As for the shot below...with some tweaking to the roofline, and some other small changes like wheel gap and what not, I could 100% see this coming out in concept form. From there, if the public LOVES it, GM could make something really road worthy. I'm not saying I really want that to happen with this particular rendering. Just making a point.

I get what you're saying but my point is there's absolutely no reason why realistic concepts can't be drawn and be exciting; just takes more effort by the artist rather than rely on huge wheels, sharp slashy shapes, almost non-existant cabins which is so typical of trendy concept drawings. It doesn't matter what company they're being drawn for, they all tend to look alike. Since they already KNOW that look can't be produced, why not work harder and draw something that CAN be produced? The 5th gen concept car (not the drawings) was fantastic and I actually wish they'd been able to produce that exact car. They did pretty good though and got very close which is a credit to the team.

That concept car I created can be produced almost exactly as-is; just needs the appropriate manufacturing body seams and lines etc. If an artist can create a producible concept car that people really like, why not start there in the first place? Start with realistic wheel sizes and cabins people can actually get into and see out of, then go from there. You're not going to sketch something like that in 30 minutes which is probably why you don't see those kinds of concept drawings; you see these other quick-sketch styles instead. Speaking for myself I would get a lot more excited seeing concept cars that I knew I might actually be able to buy and drive because the designs are already within 95% of being production capable.

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Wow If the 6th gen looks like that COUNT ME IN , What a thing of beauty . Still looks like a Camaro but more aggressive than other drawing I have seen .
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Sadly it won't ever happen. I don't see why they can't just stick to the rendering and make it. But I'd say if they do it will more than most can afford.
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Originally Posted by z928 View Post
This is the small 1:3 scale model according to the intern: I must say WOW.
Hopefully GM will incorporate some of these lines in the 6th gen Camaro! I would consider trading up.
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Angrybird 12
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I would say a less exaggerated version could resemble the 6th Gen. I wouldn't expect it to be exactly like it.
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