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Where have the camoflaged prototype mules gone?

It's been quite a while since we've last seen the camo'd mules running about anywhere. Compared with the ATS-V and CTS-V, where it seemed like sightings only got more and more frequent as time went along and it seems kinda peculiar.

Any thoughts about there being any significance to this? Does that mean they've completed most mule testing and are ready for the unveil? Does this mean they may be significantly reworking some things before the unveil? Just if anyone noticed the same thing and/or has any theories.
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I think it's just a break in the action because of the holiday. We will probably see a few more mules and maybe an illegally leaked pic before the reveal. (Whenever that is)
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With the lack of information on the reveal and the disappearance of the mules, I wouldn't be surprised if they are having issues with the car. You think they would want to get the 6th gen out as soon as possible with the new Mustang on the road.
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"prototype" and "mule" mean two different things in the industry.

A Mule would simply be the architecture, chassis and powertrain in another vehicles body. The body is done later.

A Prototype pretty much represents the finished product. Often lights are the last thing to be added.

They haven't disappeared, they just aren't doing the mass group road trips now.

As for things being wrong? Yes, there are. That's why they test so much so that they can find issues and resolve them before production. It's the process. But it would way out of process for something to be so wrong that they grounded the fleet so to speak.
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....and if there is nothing new to see, I doubt they're going to get much more coverage until something new pops up. Its been well represented from all angles thus far in prototype form. There is probably a nice bounty on an interior pic
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