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Originally Posted by dgriddick View Post
The Gen 6 ...They are bringing back the 88 IROC.. They got bored so that's the best they could do.. Who cares about gas mileage in a muscle car.. maybe a YOTA would be a better car for that

Why the slanted nose???? Aren't these supposed to look like 60s muscle cars or is the new trend 80s.. remember what happened to the 88 IROC and the Trans AM?? or are they just trying to copy European auto makers...

Give us more power for the same cost..

Men dont buy Camaros to get better gas mileage... OH.. and get rid of the new ugly front lights on the newer 14. The future slopped look is not working..

No I wont part with my Gen 5.. They already screwed up a cool car...
Just my 2 cents
...some kind of agenda goin' on with your post, rants and raves, subjective opinions based upon some unknown premise taken from who knows where...skewed...
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