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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
The ATS is an outstanding car. Agree with the comments. That being said, that won't necessarily make it a great Camaro.

Disagree on the size. The ATS is a small car. Keep in mind it is the same size as a Chevy Cruze and for all the people on here going "give us the ATS" as the platform for the NG Camaro, you are also saying, "give me a car the size of the Chevy Cruze".

I may be wrong on this point, but I don't want a small Camaro.

I've made the Comparison of our Audi S4 vs. the ATS. The Audi weighs a good 300 plus pounds more and if I'm picking, I'm picking the Audi. Doesn't mean that's what works for everyone, but for me I'd rather have the 3.0T and full time AWD and a slightly bigger car. Audi has reasonable rear seat accommodations. The ATS is at best a 2+2. Audi has a bigger trunk roomier and front seat space. And a Cruze has better rear seat and trunk space than the ATS. And agree those aren't attributes people are looking for in a Camaro, but GM has notoriously and famously packaged cars big on the outside and small on the inside. Look at the CTS Coupe. No front seat head room and a joke in the rear seat area. The took a reasonably roomy sedan and made it pretty bad if you ever intend more than a 12 year old to sit in the back seats. I love that car but it is a complete compromise to achieve the styling.

Now some will take a lighter Camaro no matter how small it is. That model doesn't work for me.

I want a Camaro off of a mid size platform, not a compact. JMO
Wheelbase (in / mm): 109.3 / 2775
Length (in / mm): 182.8 / 4643
Height (in / mm): 55.9 / 1421
Width (in / mm): 71.1 / 1805
Track (in / mm):
Front: 59.5 / 1512
Rear: 60.9 / 1548

2014 Camaro
WHEEL BASE 9 ft. 4.3 in. (112.3 in.)
LENGTH 15 ft. 10.6 in. (190.6 in.)
HEIGHT 4 ft. 6.2 in. (54.2 in.)
WIDTH 6 ft. 3.5 in. (75.5 in.)
FRONT TRACK 5 ft. 3.7 in. (63.7 in.)
REAR TRACK 5 ft. 4.1 in. (64.1 in.)

2015 CTS
Wheelbase (in / mm): 114.6 / 2911
Length (in / mm): 195.5 / 4966
Height (in / mm): 57.2 / 1454
Width (in / mm): 72.2 / 1833
Track (in / mm):
Front: 61.4 / 1560
Rear: 61.7 / 1568
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