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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Come on people.

Its not much more than a 5th gen with a different hood, front end, and rear end.

The 6th gen needs to evolve more than that. Also there is no way that front end could make production.

Thus I point you to a vision created by a member here on the forum. Its just a basic design at this point, but lots of time, thought, and work have already been invested. Something that in my opinion moves the design forward, fixes some of the problems with the current car, all while maintaining many of the design attributes we admire about the 5th gen:

Scroll down to see the latest:
No no no no no! THAT looks like an 80's GM prototype that didn't make the cut. That one isn't even a pony car any more, it has corvaire or beretta proportions. The prototype offered on this thread is much more exciting and balanced and aggressive.
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