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Said it before, and I'll say it again, but I agree with Baylor, and I feel the Camaro would do good to downsize a little, unless GM can pull off some miracle and keep it the same size AND drop 300+ lbs (yeah right).

Yes, the ATS is on a slightly smaller platform, but it IS a I don't see any reason whatsoever why it can't be made to be coupe (Camaro). I know you all know this, but take a step back and look at the size of the 5th gen compared to the 4th gen and earlier. It is the odd ball out in terms of size and weight.....but I also feel it looks the best, but not b/c of the size. Same car but in ATS size would be fine by me.

Mustang is shrinking...perhaps considerably. I don't think Camaro needs to go that small, nor would I really want it to, but it needs to stay pretty damn close to Mustang in terms of weight/power ratio and handling. How much of a fail would it be for the next "base" Mustang to weigh 3,100 to 3,200 lbs and Camaro base to weigh 3,500 lbs? It would be embarrasing. Some people just want a bigger car and don't care about the weight, and I have no issue with that. But these two cars are direct compeititors whether you may like it or not, and so whatever improvements Mustang makes (weight/power) Camaro should work to be competitive.

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I currently own both, a 2013 ATS Luxury package 2.0L turbo AWD, and let me tell you it's not even remotely close to being a Camaro. If GM tries to make the new gen Camaro similar to the ATS their gonna miss the boat really hard. Don't get me wrong my ATS is a nice car, and has some mechanical and undercarriage similarities but it's not a camaro, a new gen camaro and will never be compatible, well I hope not.
I don't get this statement. Sure, it may not feel like a Camaro in terms of look or feel, but the chasis is a wonderful place to start for a next gen Camaro in my opinion. ATS is known to be a great handler. Why wouldn't we want this for the next Camaro??
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