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Originally Posted by ssrs396 View Post
Easy fix! Bolts on the inside of the panel in the trunk, you would never see them unless you are a body shop or customizing them yourself.

Don't you dare take my B2 away!!!!
Yeah that's my original idea to have the bolts inside like that; that way you could have different recess inserts for the Base and SS, 1LE, ZL1, Z/28. I'd have to decide which back to go with for the Base model though. I don't think GM would go for 3 different styles; having 2 is pushing it already lol. D3 I think should definitely be the performance back... maybe the back for all the V8 models. The Base model could be either B2 or C, but whichever one is left out this would be an EASY aftermarket customization opportunity for custom inserts.

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
This has shaped up to be pretty dang awesome if you ask me.

I think I've gotten a bit lost though. In your there an SS between the base and the Z/28 or not? I don't really want you to tone down the base car, b/c I think even the base needs to look good, but not sure what you'd do to make a car look mid tier in between those two.

I think it could be confusing since the 5th gen Z/28 is the ultra bad ass, but in the 6th gen is essential an SS again like in the 4th gen.
It's been kind of fun and at the very least entertaining hasn't it... at least for me and hopefully some of the viewers. Considering we've rather quickly racked up over 12,000+ views it seems there's quite a bit of "silent" interest which is good... I think. I know if everybody hated all this they'd be sounding off loudly like they did with the 2014 refresh back lol.

I completely agree about the Base model; it should be able to stand on it's own as a beautiful desirable car, and yes there is an SS. The way I'm thinking it would essentially be the V8 version of the Rally Sport Base model and with upgraded wheels and badging; hence "super" sport indicating a power upgrade to a "rally" sport. A strong straight line performer.

I've been thinking about all the models and I think this would be a good opportunity for GM to clean up and refine the various versions so there's a more logical progression from the Base on up.

Base model: V6. Beautiful, classy, elegant. Sporty but not brutal. Not intended to be a track car. A comfortable car for daily driving or touring. This model would probably have the widest market and appeal to entry level buyers, male/female, young and old. This could have the B2 recessed back.

Rally Sport: The Base model tuned for a bit more power, suspension mods for better handling, 4 minor gauges inside. Different badging; maybe different wheels.

Super Sport: V8. The Rally Sport upgraded with a V8, wider wheels, different badging, and the D3 recessed back.

1LE: The SS with the track package; suspension upgrades, brakes, etc. Throttle-actuated hood vent and satin black hood. Light-weight track wheels. Tow hooks. Racing seats with 5-point harness option. Maybe a different spoiler.

ZL1: King of the road Camaros. Bigger displacement V8 (get rid of the forced induction) for more power above the SS. Magnetic suspension allows a wide range of performance choices. Throttle-actuated hood vent and satin black hood. Light-weight track wheels an option.

Z/28: Road course track monster. Big displacement V8. Fender flares. Widest wheels. Throttle-actuated hood vent and satin black hood. Adjustable rear spoiler; maybe even a "smart" spoiler that adjusts as you drive...full down when braking, near flat on high-speed straight, some down force for high speed corners. Tow hooks. Racing seats with 5-point harness.

All models would have fog lights which I think are important for safety reasons. The intakes to either side of the fogs are functional and allow air input for a cold-air intake (which would also be on all models) and brake cooling ducts for the track models. The gill intakes on the sides are functional and allow air input for trans and diff coolers on the track models. I would like to see those coolers be in the back so the plumbing routes are shorter, and the weight is moved to the back to help the overall weight balance of the car. There could also be some ducting for rear brake cooling but the main priority would be the coolers.

I haven't started on interiors yet but I would like to see things streamlined so there is very little difference inside between the models except performance gauges, performance seats, badging and of course cloth or leather. I'm going to be starting on interior design shortly. I'm almost done I think with the exterior; just cleaning up some details for consistency and fixing the top view now that I have back styling pretty much done.

I have a killer idea for lighting which I'm not going to put in this thread. It could easily be stolen and used by a competitor, so GM...if anyone on the Camaro team is reading this... PM me and we can set up a verified contact so I can give you the idea.

The interiors are going to be fun.

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