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Originally Posted by ssrs396 View Post
Not to slam anybody because it takes a lot of time to come up with these designs. Also I admire anybody associated with the designing and building of the Camaro but all of these rear designs look better than the 14 refresh IMO. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of these designers and at the same time would love to do it if I had the skills.
Well thank you, I appreciate the compliment and support. And yes I can only imagine the stress these guys must be under. "The good news is you're working on the Camaro design team! The bad news is you have to change it without inciting mass hysteria and a lynch mob!" What a job lol.

At any rate here's the latest for the Z/28. I'm glad I started working on it because it led me to find an error that had been accumulating slowly and I was able to get it fixed. I knew something was off in the various views and this led me to find and correct it. These have larger mirrors, corrected mirror height, corrected roof height, corrected windshield dimensions and various other sundry corrections. I decided I like the black side mirrors so that's going to be on all models; not just the Z/28.

I did a C version which I like as I do also version B, but the more I look at it I'm finding D3 is becoming my favorite style; there's just something about it that looks more dynamic, "futuristic" and yet it still feels like a Camaro.

I tried the idea of the visible bolts around the recessed area in the back. Not good. Looked like Franken-Z. So scratch that idea.

These are the latest and most current views:
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