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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
This ↑↑↑ .

Just because such a hard-edged design can be described as "bold" or "edgy" does not make it graceful or beautiful. If anything, it risks perception that it's anything but beautiful, and that it "works" more in spite of itself than because. Jaguar's XK-E would have been a forgotten footnote in automotive history if Malcolm Sayer had been as abstract in his approach as Picasso was in some of his paintings.

No mfr is immune here; the 2010 Mustang refresh suffered somewhat from this too.

The Jaguar XKE is one of the absolute, all-time gorgeous sculpted automotive body designs....
Name:  1965-Jaguar-E-Type_SI-115761344180244.JPG
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Name:  1965-Jaguar-E-Type_SI-115721344180243.JPG
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Name:  1965-Jaguar-E-Type_SI-115741344180243.JPG
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Name:  1965-Jaguar-E-Type_SI-115711344180242.JPG
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Enzo Ferrari considered it the most beautiful ever...

Name:  63 XKE-21318_Rear_3-4_Web.jpg
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and it's influence is clearly seen in what I consider one of Ferrari's most beautiful designs; the 365 Daytona:
Name:  ferrari-365-daytona-7.jpg
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GM take a look at this, the Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona; it's everything "right":

Name:  ferrari-365-daytona-15.jpg
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Gorgeous sculpted design illuminated with a stunning stop-everything-and-stare color.

Give us a beautiful, sculpted 6th gen Camaro that stops you dead in your tracks, including the colors!

Blue Angel is here!!
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