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Originally Posted by jwfisher View Post
Thanks for the complement! We'll know a heckuva lot more once we get a good spy pic and see what general size the car is becoming. I expect there is a chopped-up ATS in 2-foor form somewhere inside GM HQ, with some big flares tacked on, that is serving as a mule for the next-gen. And if there isn't, there needs to be later this year if the 2016 date is to be made.

All the 4.6 engines are essentially the same... in my mind they were behind the curve of the market and of what could have been done (there are similar V-8s from European and Japanese manufacturers, for example, that were moving steadily along at a faster pace). The truck 4.6 was especially behind the times. Even the cop car 4.6 kept to a very low output. The complete replacement with the 5.0 was overdue, a job well done. So something was wrong there, maybe a program that advanced and was then cancelled (as was the big block BOSS program, then restarted but only with a truck SOHC engine and not the Mustang DOHC 7 liter), either lack of leadership and or lack of funds. Certainly not engineering ability.
I agree they were basically the same from 96-98 but the heads and intake and some other stuff changed, the 3V was pretty different as well, But either way thats nit picking lol. I was simply just saying the way it read to me, made it seem as if you were suggesting that Ford did nothing engine wise from 96 to 2011. Thats all.

But seriously these are great blogs. Very informative and pretty much spot on
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