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Originally Posted by DRKnightSS1 View Post
I personally don't think GM would ever do this. Main reason being that it would hurt their V8 sales and the HP/TQ numbers would be too close to the SS. Furthermore if someone was looking for that increase in HP why wouldn't they just look to the naturally aspirated V8 anyhow. No offense to the V6 owners but the Camaro is meant to be driven with power; V8 all the way baybay!

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I beg to differ but I think based on the estimated LT1 numbers, there's going to be a fairly significant difference between the HP of the LF3 and the 6th gen Camaro LT1. When you consider the slight differences in LS3 output between the Corvette and Camaro now, I'd expect the LT1 in the new Camaro to be rated around 460-465 HP with about 440 TQ. The only real advantage the LF3 should have (over the LT1) is its max torque (430 lb-ft) is available from 3500 RPM. I'd also bet on (if this ever happens) Chevy using a de-tuned LF3 variant that drops the output to something more akin to the L99 (400 HP/410 TQ) if not lower.
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