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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
So in other words, it doesn't matter whether the Cadillac engine is better than the Chevy engine or not...what's important is whether it can be marketed with more expensive sounding words or not? Or put another way, luxury car buyers will pay more for not necessarily a better product, but rather for the privilege of paying more just so they can prove that they can pay more?

I'm being facetious and joking around there, but I think there may be at least some small grain of truth in there somewhere. Reason I got a bit of a laugh out of this is Angus MacKenzie basically said the same thing in his editorial on the last page of MT last month (May 2013 issue for anyone who cares to look it up). Your comment immediately made me think of that.

That statement and the implications behind it was sad for me to read, mostly because I know it is accurate.

Have we really gotten to the point where European tax policy is dictating product engineering and availability here? After fighting a war way back when so we would no longer have to concern ourselves with which direction the European elite decided to fart on any given day, do we once again find ourselves in a position where that affects us? Have we been forced to cede pursing what, and instead accept only what an aristocracy an ocean away wants and allows us to have? That the answer may well be "yes" should make us all stop and think.
That's EXACTLY what I was going for Angus is great. It is BS that the global market is affecting our market. I can understand why they would do it for economy cars, but keep it away from true American cars.
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