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Originally Posted by mikeyg36 View Post
A DOHC V6 is smoother than a pushrod anything. Sit in a V8 Camaro at idle, and then go sit in a Mercedes V6 at idle. There is a complete difference. The Camaro is louder, and it shakes due to the cam. Of course, if you buy a V8 Camaro, you like these things. If you're buying a cadillac, you won't like these things. Caddy is trying to be more European, and it can't do that with a small block.
Sounds reasonable. The TT would likely be priced as the V8. If I wanted a 6 banger I'd have kept my SGM RS and worked with that insyead of dropping another 20 grand on my SS. For those of us who lived when 4 barrel V8 was common and dirt cheap I might add nothing compars to a crammed up 8 cylinder beast with a deep exhaust note.
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