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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
Good reasons not to put it in the Camaro....just as good of reasons not to put it in the Cadillac as well, yet here we are. I don't get the refinement angle in the Cadillac. How is a 60 degree V6 smoother and more refined than a V8?
A DOHC V6 is smoother than a pushrod anything. Sit in a V8 Camaro at idle, and then go sit in a Mercedes V6 at idle. There is a complete difference. The Camaro is louder, and it shakes due to the cam. Of course, if you buy a V8 Camaro, you like these things. If you're buying a cadillac, you won't like these things. Caddy is trying to be more European, and it can't do that with a small block.
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