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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
So what you are saying is, if it wasn't for CAFE and other government regulations regarding emissions, GM would still be building the LT1 with cylinder deactivation instead of building an engine that produces more power and torque while getting less MPG?

I'm predicting the 6th gen Z/28 will end up with the same engine the C7Z06 ends up with or some variation of it. That's all my speculation of course and GM could end up building a less extreme Z28 to please more people instead of the Z/28 like they did for the 5th gen.
this! They're going to pump Z/28s out like they're giving them away since the 5th gen will do so well at the track. Unfortunately the 6th gen Z won't hold a candle to this one but it may be a pretty decent track car. Who knows?

Originally Posted by KarFan View Post
5th Gen Z/28 is likely the last production car the 7L LS7 will power.

That's right! No more LS7s in production. If the LT1 is going to be Chevys bread & butter? Forget all the engines that come in to play after it as I don't believe any will bring more than 450HP to the camaro. It's 2nd gen all over again! CAFE standards coming harder and muscle cars are dying.

Gen V performance V8's will likely have as many variants as the current Gen IV's lineup.

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