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Here's some more information:

Wheel base between the ATS and current Camaro is 3", ATS is 7.6" shorter and 1.7" taller (not like that really matters). I'd welcome a Camaro that has a similar wheel base and length.

Oh and for the sake of the argument the 2013 Mustang GT has a wheelbase of 107" (5.2" less than the Camaro & 2.2" less than the ATS), the Mustangs overall length is 188.5" (1.9" shorter than the Camaro & 5.7" longer than the ATS). So I'm not too worried :wink:

Camaro Dimensions

Cadillac Dimensions

Mustang Dimensions

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Its really too early to say of course, but if the Camaro comes on the Alpha LWB (long wheel base) it may not lose as much weight as I'm hoping. Who knows.

Frankily, I'll be a bit dissapointed if there is a V6 version and it weighs 3,500+ lbs. If its quite a bit more than that, I'll be pretty unhappy.
True. BUT, my weight information in the OP is based on the CTS weight with the new platform.
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