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My speculation on 6th gen curb weight

This is just my speculation.

According to the press release of the NEW 2014 CTS, it weighs about 200 lbs less than the BMW 528i. The NEW CTS is on the stretched alpha platform . Car and driver says the 2012 BMW 528i has a curb weight of ~3,950. The PAST CTS tipped the scales at around 4,072 according to Car & Driver.


3,950 (BMW weight) - 200 (how much the NEW CTS is supposed to weight) = 3,750 (weight of NEW CTS).

4,072 (OLD CTS weight) - 3,750 (weight of NEW CTS) = 322 lbs lighter.

SO this is based ALL on speculation and probably isn't all that accurate. But I'm thinking the 6th gen could weight around 300-350 lbs less than the current Zeta based 5th gen.


Here are the links I based calculations off of:

2014 CTS Press Release

C&D Info on 2012 BMW 528i

Info on old Zeta based CTS

Here's some more information:

Wheel base between the ATS and current Camaro is 3", ATS is 7.6" shorter and 1.7" taller (not like that really matters). I'd welcome a Camaro that has a similar wheel base and length.

Oh and for the sake of the argument the 2013 Mustang GT has a wheelbase of 107" (5.2" less than the Camaro & 2.2" less than the ATS), the Mustangs overall length is 188.5" (1.9" shorter than the Camaro & 5.7" longer than the ATS). So I'm not too worried :wink:

Camaro Dimensions

Cadillac Dimensions

Mustang Dimensions

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