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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
99% of dealers know nothing about future product schedules. And of course they don't want you to wait, they want to sell cars now and not worry about two years from now.

Back in 2009 my dealer knew NOTHING about the up and coming rebirth of the 5TH Gen. I, was actually keeping THEM in the loop as to what was coming and when. They wanted to know how I knew all this, and I refused to give them my sources, but in the end everything I told them was true. It helped me a lot when it came to ordering my Camaro!

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Originally Posted by 77rs View Post
I don't believe they can design and tool up for a '16 remodel in 18 months unless they started already. Thirty months June '16 for a new '17 model is my guess.
I read somewhere (don't remember where, and don't quote me), but it usually takes about 3yrs for a new vehicle to go from design to pre-production.

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I agree, why change it if it's still so popular! and GM is still making its biggest revenue from the Camaro and still outselling the Mustang

If the GM Design Team needs some inspiration for the next 6th Gen, here is my own concept I made , what do you guys think ?

Inspired from the new 2014 Corvette with the new LEDs , new curved lines...
Very agressive looking , but the fat "european" fenders have to go
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