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Originally Posted by NASTY99Z28 View Post
Yes but that's the only v8 they offer as where this would be the base v8 option sorta like the 305 of the 3rd gens and the 6.2 would be the 350 and make a lot more power then the 5.0.(atleast for now) I think a 1ss with a 5.3 and more mpg friendly gears at a lower cost would help sales and then allow the 2ss to be offered with the big boy 6.2 at a higher cost and better gearing.
We both know that's not the way it will go down. It's not like a 5.3L displacement engine will be cheaper to produce than the 6.2. If both are offered, a 5.3L V8 won't cost less than the current 1SS, it will be the same. You want a 6.2L, you'll have to pay thousands more in the first year of the 6th-gen than in the last year of the 5th gen if they go the 2 different displacements route.
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