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Originally Posted by trademaster View Post
Ehhh, it's actually 100% factual. I hope you read my whole post because you just might learn something if you pay attention...
I read a good deal of it...learned some stuff. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
Well, by 2025 I believe the country will have released itself heavily from foreign oil by using its cleaner burning natural gas. Trucking fleets are moving towards LNG and its only a matter of time before vehicles move towards it as well. You don't lose any power from gas to LNG, burns cleaner, it's cheaper and we have so much of it we can't store it any longer.
I agree with you, although I thought Natural gas didnt' contain the same amount of energy as gasoline, so more of it is needed to get the same power...thus less fuel economy. No will become more the norm over the years, especially as you say, for fleet trucks.


You know what sucks? That this thread has become political.
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