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All I'm saying is the 5th gen's done its job, and it has done its job very well. It was saddled with a weight issue from the start (and if any of you remember, I was one of the people who hated it when people brought up and complained about the weight constantly), but GM managed to make the most of the car despite its shortcomings.

Now we're moving on to a brand new platform that promises to be lighter and perform much better than the 5th gen. I really fail to see the problem with this. As someone said earlier, I'm surprised at all the negative responses to what can only be a positive thing for the nameplate. One of the primary complaints about the 5th gen has always been the weight of the Zeta platform, and GM is addressing that. Somehow that's now a bad thing.

If people are worried that GM will simply cut corners to reduce weight, they're worrying about nothing as demonstrated by the ATS. The 6th gen will be just as durable, just as planted as the 5th gen.

Furthermore, note that Akerson's talking about weight reduction across the board. The Epsilon II platform is ridiculously overweight. In all honesty, every GM platform could stand to lose a couple pounds. It's not just Camaro we're talking about here.
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