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It sounds good, but I'd be shocked if they could meet that goal.

Do I think they should start producing midsize cars and sedans in the 3,200 to 3,500 lb range like other makers??? Heck Yes!! (the new Nissan Altima weighs a feathery 3,1xx lbs)

But going from one generation to the next...say for instance the Camaro. Do I think they can take the current 3,800 lb Camaro and take its weight to 3,250 lbs (15%) without changing the size of the car? Doubtful.

Unless they have another, ultra-light weight chasis they haven't yet unveiled that is lighter than Alpha, I don't see it happening. Just take a look at the ATS weights...and that thing is pretty light when you really compare. V6 Camaro is a good 300+ lbs more:

2.5L RWD / Auto – (3315/ 1503)
2.0 Turbo RWD / Auto – (3373/ 1530)
2.0 Turbo RWD / Man – (3403/ 1543)
2.0 Turbo AWD / Auto – (3543 / 1607)
3.6L RWD / Auto – (3461/ 1570)
3.6L AWD / Auto – (3629/ 1646)

Now, I'm sure the caddy is filled with more tech, and possibly other stuff like more sound dampening material and what not, so I'm bettering a respective T4 or V6 camaro on Alpha can weigh a tad less than this, but another couple hundred lbs??

Show us what you've got GM.
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