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Originally Posted by karguy View Post
The current camaro is not a bad looking car but the interior,trunk and huge blind spots are nothing to write home about.
I see you drive an 02...I wanted to comment without trying to discredit your opinions....

The interior of this gen car is at least as good or better than the Mustang's unimaginative one. I really enjoy it, and it's impressed every person that's sat inside, to date...some even saying "wow, this is REALLY nice..."

The trunk is VERY functional (ask me how I got a 10x10 tent in there), the opening was just a little on the small side

The blind spots don't exist if you adjust the mirrors properly...And the parts of the car that make it look so awesome contribute to that visibility thing: you can't have one without loosing the other.

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, as you said earlier...but based on your comments, I can't help but wonder if you've ever driven one?
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