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Originally Posted by DZ28 View Post
Next gen Camaro resides on Alpha which today has 2.0L Turbo... pretty much a foregone conclusion especially with fuel economy needs beyond 2015. I don't see the V8 going away in a Camaro for at least another 10 years.
Not really.

Just because a car shares a platform doesn't mean they will have the same engine. Manufacturers have mixed platforms and engines. Making some engines exclusive to specific models.

As mentioned by others, the Skyline 2.0T was pretty serious. Since the LFX is a pretty advanced engine, I doubt they will throw it away.

"Camaro with a 4 cyl 'just ain't right'" is tradition. Its just a name of a car. If the marketing is executed correctly, then people will buy it. I agree the V8 isn't going anywhere. Don't underestimate engineering.

I mean can you imagine the SS V8 in a lighter model?!!
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