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Originally Posted by TaylorRyanSS View Post
I think it looks amazing. Most of the negative comments probably are coming from guys who like the plain look and drive stock Camaros. This design would definitely draw in a younger crowd, which is a good thing.
I dont drive a Camaro (yet), but when I do I plan on modding it. I do like the look of an unmodified 5th Gen Camaro (I wouldn't call it plain), but there are a ton of aftermarket products that definitely greatly enhance the look of the car. I didn't like this design for the most part. I'll admit, it has some nice touches. I liked the RS style LED headlights, the heat extractors on the hood and the tail lights. But they were just touches, not enough to sell me on the design as a whole. I'm not saying its not a nice-looking car, I'm just saying it doesn't scream next-gen Camaro to me. Its seems like a 5th Gen that some kid got his hands on and slapped a big Jap body kit on it. I'll agree with Ben, the current front grill is rancid. I do not, however, share his opinion on the current headlights. 'm not saying that GM should leave the car as is, ofcourse new innovations in design and technology are what drive the business. And ofcourse lighter and SLIGHTLY smaller are good things, but I just hope they dont make the mistake of turning the Camaro into a sport compact car. The last thing I want to see is a Civic pull up next to a Camaro thinking he can take it on and have a snowball's chance. And please, for the love of God, stop talking about the next Camaro having a little 4 banger with the bigger engine option being a TTV6. Dont let GM think that WE think that's a good idea. If that happens, I'm totally switching sides to the Mustang camp... until they do it too. Then I guess I'll just kill myself... What's a muscle car without a V8??

Anyway Ben, nice concept with some cool touches, but not my cup of tea. Just looks too much like an import racer to me.

Still, if you dropped one in my driveway, I wouldn't be offended!
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