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Brunogadget 01-15-2014 01:58 PM

My 6th gen 2016 Camaro Renderings
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How's this rendering guys?

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Added the Mi Ray concept front

Ultron 01-15-2014 02:09 PM

The rear looks good but the front I think needs to be more aggressive. No offense meant by that, if I tried to render something I'd make it look like crap compared to this haha. Kinda like the new mustang though, it seems more luxury or exotic up front than muscle. Just my opinion

FenwickHockey65 01-15-2014 02:23 PM

Riviera Concept?

It's pretty nice. Door handle placement is weird though.

oklapike 01-15-2014 02:44 PM

I'd tend to agree. I like it, and I think something based off of it could have a place in the lineup, just not as a Camaro.

mr02Z/28 01-15-2014 07:09 PM

I like it, keep the imagination going .......

Doc 01-15-2014 07:13 PM

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Not bad. Looks like you liked the headlights and grill from my concept from last year:

Attachment 591023

Keep at it! But I warn's a tough crowd to please in here. ;)

attymf 01-15-2014 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by Brunogadget (Post 7339281)

I would like to pre order one in Metallic Red...

KMPrenger 01-15-2014 08:19 PM

Headlights came from the TF4 bumblebee concept...and I like them!

Overall the car looks nice! I think the front needs work though...but mostly just in the middle grille area. Something looks off about it.

Also, I very strongly feel like a muscle car needs a muscle please add a bit of a power cowl to the middle of the hood, similar to the current Camaro, but also keeping your existing hood lines which look very good.

Good stuff.

OperativeXIV 01-15-2014 09:05 PM

I like it, though it looks like it would make a good 2-seat competitor for the the likes of the a Nissan 370z... any other angles? :)

The_Blur 01-15-2014 09:52 PM

This is interesting.

oklapike 01-15-2014 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by OperativeXIV (Post 7340502)
I like it, though it looks like it would make a good 2-seat competitor for the the likes of the a Nissan 370z... any other angles? :)

Oh! I just got it. I mentioned earlier that this rendering looks like something that could fit in the Chevy lineup and I just figured out where...a sub-Camaro (shortened Alpha 101~103" wheelbase) FR-S/BRZ fighter.

77rs 01-15-2014 11:03 PM

Looks cool!

z928 01-17-2014 06:30 AM


CamaroRyan 01-17-2014 08:28 AM

I love the effort. With that said it doesnt scream camaro. It looks more like an "exotic" car. Doesn't really give me that "muscle car" feel.

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